Building a brighter future - Metis Global Group Supported Expansion of School in Hunan, China

After 3 years of hard work, the “Santangpu Town Metis Central Primary School” was officially completed in December 2020.

Metis Global Group (“Metis”) has always been positively impacting the lives of people; including our customers, business partners, employees and the community and making such impact has always been Metis’ core values. With this mission in mind, Dr. German Cheung, the founder and chairman of Metis has dedicated his time and resources into helping others. As a father of two, Dr. Cheung understands the importance of education, therefore not only did he establish a company related to the inspiration of children’s “inborn talent intelligence” (Athena Intellects Company Limited) many years ago, he has also beyond his career, set up donation programs that helps children further their education in academic and non-academic areas.

On behalf of Metis, Dr. Cheung has supported HK$680,000 in the expansion of Santangpu Town Central Primary School in Hunan, China. The expansion of school is to provide a better learning environment and make available quality education to students from a remote, backward town. After 3 years of hard work, Metis is proud to say the project was officially completed in December 2020. To honor such charity, the school was renamed after "Metis".

The expansion of Santangpu Town Metis Central Primary School not only represent Metis social feedback to society but also represents our dedication in Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) efforts in educational support.

The section that could be used prior to the expansion project was built in 1990, which is very old and can pose many serious safety hazards. In response to growing enrollments and the deterioration of the school buildings, the donations will help the students receive a better education, which leads to a better and more successful future.

Metis newly built school deliver flexible, modern teaching spaces.

Dr. Cheung, stated: “Poverty alleviation requires the support of education and it is vital to improve education and the quality of teachers in poor regions, so that every child can achieve well-rounded development. Metis Global Group hopes to tackle the problem at its roots by providing problem-based and needs-based assistance to solve problems encountered effectively. As the local residents also attach great importance to education, I believe that by working together, local residents and the government can prepare for a more promising future. Moreover, our primary school will continue to evolve so that basic education may continue on an uninterrupted basis and there will be a benefit to the local students.”

 With its core values and actions, Metis Global Group and Dr. Cheung has taken a step forward in contributing to society. It is a milestone for Metis’ Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) effort as it has cultivated the field of education to light up love, brighten the future of children in remote areas, to ensure that they can grow up safe, healthy and educated.

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