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私たちはブルームバーグビジネスウィーク誌より 4 年連続で「信託サービス最優秀賞」を受賞しました。 ブルームバーグ誌が主催する「ファイナンシャルインスティチューションアワード」は、香港において金融機関の貢献を認め、 業界の発展を促すイベントです。


2022 - Taking Firm Strides in Turbulent Times(英語版のみ)

It has been three years since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Despite the unpredictable situation, Metis has continued to go with the tide and holds a firm foothold on the strategy of steady growth. In addition to recording a year-on-year increase in new business over the past seven years, Metis has also successfully entered the Southeast Asian market. Continually pushing ourselves to be the "Partner for Trust", we not only make clients feel assured that we have their best interest in mind, but we also motivate our colleagues and business partners to be more dedicated to their profession. Our effort is recognized, and we are honoured to once again receive the “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” from Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition.


2021 - Growing from Strength to Strength: Metis Rapid Response to the Pandemic(英語版のみ)

Metis’ mission has always been to provide the most comprehensive trust services in Asia since the beginning of Metis’. After seven years of hard work, passion, and enthusiasm, Metis has been recognized for the Excellence Award of Trustee Service at the prestigious Financial Institution Awards 2021 by Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition for the third consecutive year. And receiving this award represents another recognition of our dedication and success in providing best-in-class trust services to the mass market. At Metis, the protection and benefits that Trust brings are no longer exclusive to high-net-worth individuals but are to all.


2020 - Innovation is Change(英語版のみ)

The year 2019 has been an important milestone for Metis Global Limited (“Metis”), while we celebrated our 5th anniversary, we received the “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” granted by Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2020, our prudent, careful, and cautious planning to innovate to stay ahead of the game has led us to receive the “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” once again.


2019 - Your Gatekeeper on the Route to Success

Since its establishment, Metis Global Limited has been adhering to the philosophy of protecting clients’ asset with the highest standards and acting as a gatekeeper. Through years of experience in the wealth management industry, Metis understands how to help clients achieve effective asset allocation, wealth management and legacy planning. Whilst celebrating our 5th anniversary, Metis is honored to receive the “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” granted by Bloomberg Businessweek. With our professional team members working wholeheartedly, Metis will continue to provide the finest services to our clients across Asia.


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