Metis' Founder and Chairman Discusses the Group's Prospects in SCMP Interview (英語版のみ)

Dr. German Cheung, Founder and Chairman of Metis Global Group, shares that the Group aims high to provide affordable trust services across the whole of Asia, during an interview with the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's leading English media.

      Dr. German Cheung says during an interview with SCMP that the Group looks to open up more opportunities in Southeast Asia in the next few years.

      Speaking of Metis' business scope with the journalist, Dr. Cheung notes it is the unique market positioning that has led the Group to remarkable growth in just a few years. Traditionally, trust is considered a prestigious asset protection vehicle for high-net-worth individuals due to its high administration fees. The need of the affluent market to preserve or appreciate their assets with trusts was less addressed. Metis has been there to fill the gap since 2013. It has gradually established itself as a promising provider of locally-adapted onshore and offshore trust plans, financial planning, and asset management solutions.

      Having already gained a firm foothold in Hong Kong, the Cook Islands and Singapore in providing financial services to broad client bases in Japan, Mainland China and South Korea, Dr. Cheung eyes an even bigger presence in the vast land of Asia. He reveals that the next step is to open up opportunities in regions not commonly reached by trust services, including Southeast Asia. The five-to-eight-year goal is to extend business exposure to 10 or more countries, but his true ambition is to serve the whole of the continent and all over the globe.

      Besides expanding its geographical footprint, the Group also seeks to diversify the investment options so clients can have a free choice in wealth management. This will be achieved by partnering with various financial institutions. Never stop advancing and adventuring, Dr. Cheung assures that the Group will change based on market fluctuations while sticking to its core value of achieving long-term asset appreciation.

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