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Metis Global Group

Metis Global Group is a financial group that strives to provide unconventional trust and wealth management solutions to clients in Asia. As members of a well-established group, Metis Global (Singapore) Pte. Limited, Metis Global Limited, and Metis Global (Cook Islands) Limited offer trust solutions from jurisdictions that have well-developed trust protections which provide clients with comprehensive asset protection.

Why Metis

In Greek mythology, Metis was the daughter of Gods Oceanus and Tethys and she was the first wife of the King of Gods – Zeus. Metis represents wisdom and prudence and the Athenians view her as a notable goddess as she helped Zeus gained ultimate victory in the battle between Zeus and Cronus (Zeus’ father).

As our name implies, Metis aims to use our wisdom of the industry and skills we gained over the years to build hybrid financial plans that are simple, globalized, innovative and effective so as to provide a satisfactory solution for our worldwide clients.

The Chinese name of Metis is 「安智 (An Zhi)」 which we aspire to convey its same meaning in English - to be your "Partner For Trust".


Asset Protection

Safeguard and protect asset loss due to global political situation, company bankruptcy, personal litigation, and divorce.

Probate Avoidance*

The assets in the trust can be distributed without going through probate, which can avoid prolonged court procedures saving time and expenses.

Legitimate Tax Planning

Proper trust planning can achieve the purpose of tax-savings and relieve the tax burden of settlor or beneficiary.

Effective Succession Planning*

Using a Letter of Wishes, a settlor can arrange their assets flexibly and pass an inheritance on to future generations.


Trusts are private. The terms of a trust are confidential and not available to the public.

Trust Jurisdiction

Different jurisdictions provide different trust advantages. We are committed to developing global offshore jurisdictions to assist clients in finding the most suitable trust planning for them.

*Discretionary Trusts only



A Trusted Partner In Creating Financial Legacies

Core Values

Making an Impact

Operate with a mission to positively impact the lives of people; including our customers, business partners, employees, and the community.


Respect, trust, and accountability enable us to operate in an environment where all are empowered to make a difference to ourselves and to others. Have the courage to share and encourage others to share.


Accepting differences through mutual respect and trust. Collaborate to deliver further greater outcomes collectively than individually. Grow together as one solid aligned force.


We hold ourselves accountable to be reliable, authentic, and loyal. Be committed to promises made and have the courage to do the right thing even in the face of pressure.

Service to Others

We exist to serve. The opportunity to be of service to others is both an honour and a privilege. In the spirit of service, we are committed to giving our time, energy, and resources.


A Team of Professional Expertise

Our core management team is comprised of experienced financial and legal experts who have worked for fund houses, investment managers, retail banks, private banks, and the insurance industry.

Plan Innovation

We aim to build innovative trust plans by offering simple and all-round trust solutions that meet the needs of different regions.

Strict Internal Risk Control

Policies of independent controls and internal risk management are in place to provide multiple layers of compliance control and protection.

Trustworthy Partners

We partner with internationally renowned financial institutions that have outstanding track records and comprehensive asset strategies. As clients’ assets are handed over to the custodian bank for safekeeping, therefore choosing a top credit rating bank is vital in achieving maximum protection.

Wide Range of Asset Opportunities and Flexibility 

Clients have access to a comprehensive selection of assets depending on their preferences and risk tolerance level, which includes equities, bonds, and alternative investments worldwide.

Sophisticated Client Online System

Access to your plan details or account values is available 24/7 through our online system. Personal information and asset allocation can also be changed.

Asset Transfers Made Easy and Convenient

Clients can easily designate a beneficiary, contingent beneficiary, or transfer the plan to a third party by completing designated documents. (Related functions are applicable to different plans, please refer to the introduction of each plan for details)


Combining oriental culture with western wisdom, our trademarked logo was designed in detail to express Metis’ uniqueness.

The logo is divided into two parts and the upper part represents ocean sunrise. Water has its symbolic importance in the Chinese culture which signifies wealth and we act as the solid foundation that supports our clients to achieve wealth and a bright future.
The Colour of Metis Logo
Sunrise Orange
At dawn or dusk, we vow to protect clients’ asset and assist our clients in the route to accumulate a family fortune.

The colour blue symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust and these are all the qualities that Metis possesses. We constantly spur ourselves to become the most trusted asset management partner for our clients with our transparency and high industry standards.
Growth and Rebranding
We have changed our trademark colour from sunrise orange to elegant gold and we look forward to working with you to a prosperous future.

There is a story behind every step we took and each upgrade is to fulfill our promises to clients to provide the best trust services we could offer.

And now, as our core value -"Partner For Trust" indicates, we look forward to walking hand in hand with you to the brightest future.


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